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Our Story


The story goes a little like this . . .

In my role as the founder of 360 Private Travel – the luxury travel concierge – I had regularly wrestled with villa companies and villa owners in trying to find reputable, high end, modern villas for my clients. Frustrating is only the start of it, knowing they existed but laying ones hands on one when needed was another matter! It seemed the issue was endemic.

The next step was natural.

Putting together my own elite collection of modern villas was the next step. The internet is a maelstrom of dubious villa companies, individual villa owners and portals - I wanted to cut through this, offering only a selected, hand picked number of such villas, some I have visited personally and which I could vouch for. On that note, the photo on this page is from a recent visit to the Nafsika Estate in Santorini, Greece, which I am now proud to feature!

Modern, Designer, Contemporary Villas Only.

I only want to feature sharp, crisp, uber modern, fresh, contemporary, polished designer villas. Nothing traditional, nothing floral, nothing old, tired or dusty. Keep your turn of the century restorations.
That's us!